The Implementation Plan for the Ongoing Management of Boreal Caribou in BC is governed by the following structure--established under Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on August 8, 2011:

  • MoU Strategic Lead Team (MSLT)—setting strategic priorities, approving the annual investment plan and steering the activities under the implementation plan (Terms of Reference);
  • Research and Effectiveness Monitoring Board (REMB)—providing input into the annual investment plan. The REMB also reviews the findings from the activities and provides recommendations on the actions and effectiveness of the activities in implementing the plan. 


The BC Oil and Gas Research and Innovation Society (BC OGRIS) administers the research activities under this initiative through a funding envelope originating from oil and gas production levies and well application fees. These fees and levies apply to all upstream companies operating in BC.

The funds are used to sponsor research and other projects identified in the annual investment plan. Potential projects and procedures for obtaining funding can be found under the Opportunities tab. Projects funded under this initiative are listed on the Projects tab of this website.